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Healing Spring Meditation

Throughout Europe, there are springs and wells that are considered to have healing properties. Very often, there is a guardian spirit that people associate with a particular spring, and that guardian/healing spirit is usually female. Today those guardian spirits are most often saints, but in pagan times, they were goddesses. Perhaps the most famous of these healing well goddesses is Sulis, in whose honor the Romans built the healing baths at Bath, England.

In this meditation, you will be contacting the Goddess of a healing spring, and she will heal you on all levels. I have not used a specific goddess, but feel free to use your favorite healing waters goddess if you have one. If you like to have a lot of atmosphere for meditation, I suggest blue as your main color. I would also suggest herbs and stones associated with the element of water.

You find yourself on a wooded path with a heavy backpack weighing down your entire body. The pack is full to the brim with your worries and illness, and your shoulders burn where the straps are digging in. Your muscles strain just to carry you forward with each small shuffling step. Much of the burden is your own, but there are also parts of it that have been given to you by others. You would put it down if you could, but you feel as though you cannot. Instead you continue on your path, despite being so weighed down.

Thirst begins to intrude itself on your awareness, thankfully, you begin to hear water at almost exactly the same moment. You plod forward a little faster, eager to slake your thirst. After a moment, you reach a small clearing with a spring nestled in the center. There is a large silver chalice next to it. You also notice small bundles of flowers, coins and other small offerings laid next to the burbling waters. You realize that this is a healing spring, and that these small gifts are all tokens of thanks to the healing spirit of the waters. Then, in the blink of an eye, She is there, the goddess of this spring. She stands before you, emanating a soothing warmth that reminds you of having childhood wounds "kissed better." She smiles at you, her blue eyes full of love.

Her eyes turn immediately to the heavy backpack. For a moment, perhaps you had forgotten it, but its insistent weight bears down on you now. "Welcome to my spring. You need carry no burdens here." Previously, you had felt almost obligated to carry your pack, but there is no inner protest as she helps you remove the backpack with gentle hands. As soon as the pack, hits the ground, it disappears without a trade, and you know you won't ever have to put it on again. Relief washes over you in a hot wave. You feel so light and free that you want to dance. But when you go to move, you realize that the pack's effect on your body has not disappeared. Your overused muscles are practically groaning and your abused joints ache. Though relieved of your burden, the release is not as complete as you would wish.

The Goddess watches in silence as the varied emotions move across your face. She knows exactly what the problem is without you needing to tell her. Her sympathy is comforting, but she does not let you rest in it for very long. She glides over to the spring and fills the silver chalice with water. She motions you over and you go willingly, trusting that this marvelous lady will only help you. When you reach her side, she raises the chalice over your head and slowly begins to pour the water over you.

The water is warm, and it trickles from your head to your toes, flowing everywhere. As it passes over the different parts of your body, you can feel it washing away the aches and pains. As it flows over you, you can feel every cell become clean and rejuvenated. Your body has become completely cleansed and healed.

When the chalice is empty, the Goddess turns back to the spring and refills it. You start to thank her, but she shakes her head. "There is one more gift I have to give you," she says gently and hands you the full chalice. "Drink."

You begin to drink. The water is cool and somehow more refreshing than any other drink you've ever had. You can feel it spreading throughout your entire body. Wherever it travels, you can feel emotional and mental blocks gently cleared away. All the negativity and worries are being replaced with inner peace and joy. Your heart, mind and spirit are now as clean as your physical body. You feel calm and energized at the same time.

"Thank you," you say, handing the chalice back to her. "Thank you for cleansing me of all my burdens and for the wonderful gift of healing. I can't thank you enough."

"You are welcome to come to me anytime you are in need," she replies. "You are my child and I love you." She drips a single drop of healing water on your forehead and turns to leave. Before she is 2 steps away, she has disappeared, but you know you will see her again. In fact, you can hear a hint of her voice in bubbling waters.

Before you leave the clearing, you place your own small offering by the side of the spring to thank its guardian goddess for her gift to you. Then, healed and refreshed, you continue on your way.

Copyright K. Mayberry. Not to be used without permission.

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